01: album cover


London-based Brie band was looking for an album cover for their first EP that would express their identity and showcase the character of each member. The story of the band began with four geeks and their love for the Brie cheese, an idea I encapsulated in this eye-catching and self-explanatory graphic.

02: illustrations for Brarista


I collaborated with Brarista start-up for over a year. We created many projects such as pitch presentations, social media content, packaging, infographics, and newsletters. Our most recent project involved producing a set of illustrations that were later used for their website, mail campaign and social media. The main goal of Brarista was always to be inclusive, positive, and to inspire confidence in all women. Therefore, the illustration style was developed to encompass this idea of open-to-all-community consisting of individuals: concept expressed through oval shapes joined together creating the final shape.

03: logo for Ecru Apartments


Ecru Apartments needed a simple, yet to-the-point visual identification for their brand. They rent exclusive apartments through Airbnb in the best locations in Warsaw. The idea was to come across as luxurious and minimalistic, however, the guests were meant to always feel at home.